Steven and Kathy ******

Deer Park, WA

We would like to take this opportunity to commend Roy and Jean Russell of the Custom Home Store for their efforts which went above and beyond expectations in the recent completion of our new home. Building a new home is a stressful endeavor no matter how well things are planned out. CHS is involved from the design process through project completion. A schedule is established and baring issues beyond their control, (weather). That schedule is strictly adhered to. The “subs” are polite, professional, and work into the night if necessary to get things done. Our home was completed in a little over three months. The Custom Home Store delivered a superior product on time and within budget. They, along with their daughter, Rhonda, who assists in the business stay in touch almost on a daily basis. They return phone calls quickly and work through the myriad of issues that come up professionally and do what is necessary to solve problems while staying acutely aware of the “bottom line”. The financial reports are extremely detailed including supporting source documents which allows the owner to track every dollar. There are always “glitches” following the completion of a major project like a new home. CHS responds rapidly and solves problems. The service level is exceptional and we have no reason to believe it will not continue. We would highly recommend them for your home building projects. CHS has our contact information and if you’re seriously interested in building, we would be happy to speak with your regarding our experiences with CHS.